Stuck inside? Here’s 5 indoor family activities to cure boredom

So the weather outside isn’t really cooperating with your plans of heading out to Grand Slam in Coon Rapids today, so we thought we’d bring the entertainment to you!  Here’s five indoor activities you can suggest to your children to keep them from lighting the shades on fire, or baking a mud pie.

1) Sardines (Reverse Hide-n-Seek) – One child is the hider, everyone else is a seeker. The hider hides while the seekers seek. However, when a seeker finds the hider, instead of pointing him out, he joins him in the hiding place. Soon, the children will all be stuffed in one place, like a box of sardines! The first child to find the hider gets to hide next.

2) Create a Story - You can do this out loud or have kids write their entries on paper. Someone starts the story with “Once upon a time there lived a…”, that person chooses the character and setting (princess in a far away land). The next child tells the next part of the story, and so on around the room, the story, for younger children, try more of a “Mad Libs” approach by suggesting most of the story and let them fill in the details, like, “There once lived a ____ who was very ____.  He liked to eat ___ every day.” This can go on as long as you can hold their attention!

3) Name That Tune – Hum tunes from popular songs  based on their current age and see who can guess it first. For younger children the adult or older child should remain the “hummer”.  For slightly older children, whoever guesses correctly can become the next “hummer”.

4) Popcorn – Have your child or a small group of children each hold the end of a small blanket or sheet, place a ping pong ball or very small lightweight stuffed animal in the center of the floor on top of the sheet or blanket.  Next have the children  alternate pulling the sheet or blanket tight to create the “Popcorn” effect.  The ping pong ball will bounce around unpredictably, but will not break your Ming Vase.

5) Coloring Pasta – This activity is reserved for the “craftier types”.  Place a handful of dry, uncooked pasta, such as ziti, rotini or farfelle, into a plastic zipper baggie. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar and 2-3 drops of food coloring. Close the baggie and have the kids shake the bag until the pasta is completely colored. Spread out onto a paper plate or paper towel and allow to dry. Use several baggies to create different colors. Once the pasta is dry, kids can use yarn to string together pieces to make necklaces and bracelets, or glue them to paper plates or construction paper to create a work of art.

Hope you and your family enjoyed some quality time together.  Oh, and of course, when the weather breaks, we’d love to see you here at Grand Slam Coon Rapids!
Yours in Fun!

Thanks to Amanda Formaro for some great ideas!

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